the digital and media education project promoted by the brand Wind


NeoConnessi is the project created by WINDTRE to raise children’s awareness as to a correct and responsible use of the Internet.

Now in its second edition, the NeoConnessi project is close to families and teachers needs during this very complex and sensitive moment, which requires a great sense of responsibility and digital closeness. To face the change together, NeoConnessi offers insights, technical prevention and safety guidance, an online magazine and playful activities.

In addition, it has been opened a Facebook group, where dialogue is encouraged in order to help parents to find answers to their questions, provide guidelines, reflections and insights to show the risks, but also the opportunities of the Internet.

Today NeoConnessi is full digital, to continue its mission, encouraging a great digital synergy between parents, who are facing the challenges of everyday life. Starting from September, the project will be back to school.

NeoConnessi is on line!

The The Project

NeoConnessi is a real educational project, that develops in four areas – technological, pedagogical, psycological and didactic- available for teachers, class officers, parents, thanks to a series of free tools such as an online magazine and the digital class kit.

The Facebook group

With the new ‘NeoConnessi’ edition, the main porpouse is being closer on the net.Thanks to the new Facebook group "NeoConnessi – Genitori, figli e internet"all the parents can find a community where dialogue is encouraged.

The previous edition

In the school year 2018-2019, the initiative has involved around 3.800 classes thoughout Italy. The classes involved into the NeoConnessi project had the chance to take part in a contest in which teachers, parents and pupils cooperated in the creation of a protocol for a safe use of the web.

Are you a parent?

Join the NEOCONNESSI Facebook group to talk about digital education and internet safety.

NeoConnessi at home
Many exciting activities to do at home! NeoConnessi in fact offers many games, training courses, a glossary and even a "toolkit" to play with the whole family and discover many ideas on how to use the smartphone in a super creative way!