the digital and media education project promoted by the brand Wind


NeoConnessi is the project created by Wind to raise children’s awareness as to a correct and responsible use of the Internet.

The goal of the project is to support families and teachers during that very delicate time, in which kids own, for the first time, a smartphone or a tablet and even surf independently. To tackle this moment of change together, NeoConnessi offers in-depth information, technical prevention and safety guidelines, an online magazine and fun activities to communicate while playing, based on behavioral patterns that take into account the right relationship between control and trust.

To answer all the doubts parents may have and help them find their way through games, chats and nicknames, four experts, each with a specific and innovative point of view, provide guidelines, reflections and insights which are useful to show the risks but also the opportunities Internet can offer.

In addition, NeoConnessi also enters schools to stimulate a shared reflection and foster a synergy of intent on the acknowledged and safe use of the Network.

NeoConnessi va in tour!

The path

NeoConnessi is a real path: an educational one, which is developed in four areas - technological, pedagogical, psychological and didactic - available to teachers and parents through a series of free tools, such as the online magazine and the class kit in schools. In the school year 2018-2019, the project involved around 3.800 classes throughout Italy.

The schools

The classes involved in the Wind ‘NeoConnessi’ project also have the possibility to participate in a contest in which teachers, parents and pupils collaborate in the creation of a protocol for a safe use of the web.


Creative “pacts”, made with responsibility and a positive spirit, which reflect different points of view and experiences: all proposals are accepted and all compete to win the prizes available, for first, second and third place.

The prices

A total prize pool of € 15.000 to be spent on supplies of digital products, selectable on CampuStore, the online store designed for school, education and family.

NeoConnessi even at home
Not only activities at school, but also many exciting activities to do at home! NeoConnessi in fact offers many games, training courses, a glossary and even a "toolkit" to play with the whole family and discover many ideas on how to use the smartphone in a super creative way.!