The Future
is built together

We are close to the transition to 5G networks and ecosystems, the fundamental technological enabler for the development of innovative solutions, and one of the fundamental ingredients for the growth and development of this Country.
It is a revolution in which technology cannot be an end in itself, but must be functional to the improvement of our life, our cities, our tomorrow.

Letter to the stakeholders

Jeffrey Hedberg

Wind Tre CEO

at the service of individuals

An integrated, reliable and widespread network to deliver traditional and innovative services; three brands close to people's needs; an attention to the customer witnessed by 4 dedicated numbers and 34 contact centers.

Putting technology at the service of individuals




Coverage 4G Wind Tre network





Attenti al cliente

Customer focused


customer satisfaction


Beyond compliance. Transparency, correctness, security and responsibility are at the basis of our culture and business organization. Our Integrated Management System involves all company functions and guarantees the quality and correctness of the processes.



certifications at the basis of an Integrated Management System



New privacy model based on cooperation with suppliers*

*and on-site verifications



Governance system inspired to international best practices

Operating responsibly


Wind Tre people work together every day in an open work environment, committed to their growth and attentive to their needs. We promote a culture oriented to the inclusiveness and development of people.

Driving change

Cooperation and people development

We promote a corporate culture oriented towards listening, participation and shared responsibility towards common goals.

Committment towards the new generations

In cooperation with the world of schools and universities we invest in the creation of the personal and professional skills necessary for the world of work.

Enhancement of skills

The continuous development of skills is at the heart of our growth project.

Welfare and work-life balance

We aim to ensure a balance between personal and professional life, with a smart approach and several corporate welfare services that simplify people's lives.

the environment

Together with our partners, we work thinking about our common tomorrow. We protect the environment by reducing the impact of our activities and promoting conscious and respectful habits and lifestyles.

Protecting the environment

Consumo energia dimezzato

Energy consumption:
the energy intensity index in 3 years


13,000 BTS
with energy-saving technologies

Collaboration with WWF Italy

Collaboration with
WWF Italy
to contain CO2 emissions

GenerAction Sea

GenerAction Sea
together with WWF to protect the Mediterranean

a sustainable future

People, their needs and their expectations are at the center of our work. We aim to help them attain the advantages offered by the digital society, because telecommunications must be at the forefront in creating a sustainable future on a global scale.

Building a sustainable future

WindTre for the SDGs

With the project Digital Innovation for the SDGs, together with our stakeholders we design the reference scenario and design joint support initiatives for the Global Agenda. Two reports are born from the project.

Education for change

To accompany people in the digital transition we promote initiatives aimed at young people and families, often in partnership with universities and with the world of education.

5G and the city of the future

5G is not a simple evolution of current broadband networks, but rather a new technology with enormous potential both in terms of network and services. With the support of companies, universities and research centers, we are experimenting with innovative solutions in the cities of L'Aquila and Prato.

The ability to innovate

In the era of the digital revolution, innovating together is necessary and generates opportunities for all. With significant partners, we participate to the change and help others to grow: LUISS Enlabs is one of Europe's largest business incubators and accelerators.

Together for solidarity

We support the importance of doing business in an ethically sustainable way and involve our customers and employees in initiatives that include the active participation of the company.

towards a new business model

the 5G represents a decisive element of rupture. Its services will be aimed not only at the individual customer, but much more at entire new industrial sectors.
This represents a great opportunity for the TELCO sector to regain centrality and return to grow.

Mario Frullone

Research Director, Ugo Bordoni Foundation