Fulfilment of the obligations provided for by resolution no. 42/13 / CIR of Agcom

Alias Code

In compliance with Italian Communications Authority resolution 42/13/CIR, Wind Tre S.p.A. has adopted a code of conduct regarding aliases in corporate messaging services (electronic communications services used for corporate messaging). In this context, an “Alias” is a string of alphanumeric characters shown in the address field for SMS/MMS and data transfer communications. Article 5, paragraph 4 of AGCOM (Italian Communications Authority) resolution 42/13/CIR regarding “Regulations for using alphanumeric caller identification indicators in SMS/MMS used for corporate messaging services” states that corporate messaging service providers must adopt a specific code of conduct in advance, establishing, among other things, the rules for creating Aliases and the measures take to protect users. The Italian national regulatory Authority has delayed the evaluation until June 30 2019 with resolution 61/18/CIR.

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