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Our commitment

We believe that digital technologies, if used correctly, are a means of reducing distances and guaranteeing greater inclusion, through access to the network independent of gender, race, age, disability and status. It is essential for us to reduce, to the point of overcoming, the digital divide. This is why we invest in a network that is accessible and convenient, for the benefit of our customers and every community, strengthening equal access and promotingl equal opportunities for all. Inclusion also starts with access to adequate skills and, for this reason, we are committed to providing continuous learning opportunities to prepare people for the challenges posed by digitization.

Our people at the centre

Wind Tre people collaborate every day in an open work environment, committed to their growth and attentive to their needs, which promotes a culture oriented towards inclusiveness and personal development.

This culture includes a people-oriented approach towards lifelong learning.

In 2021 alone, the company provided its employees with over 270,000 hours of training.
Also in 2022 the Top Employers Institute awarded the "Top Employer Italia" certification to WINDTRE. A confirmation that sees our company among the best companies for excellence in the field of Human Resources. The recognition is awarded following an accurate screening and certifies the implementation of Best Practices focused on the development and well-being of people.


We are the world's first Equal Salary certified Telco. We are also Leaders in Diversity 2022, for our focus on promoting diversity within the organization.
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We have been recognized as Top Employer Italy 2022 by the Top Employer Institute and awarded Best Employer Brand by LinkedIn.


We research and develop new solutions to facilitate access to information, services and digital products even for people with disabilities starting with the digital accessibility of our touchpoints and reports.

Overcoming the digital divide

WINDTRE invests in expanding infrastructure and continuously improving the network, to promote ultra broadband and the launch of the 5G network, the great enablers of digital transformation and Industry 4.0. Technology and digital networking are increasingly central tools in the daily lives of people and organisations.

6 billion euros of investments in ICT infrastructures in 5 years, for a reliable, quality network ready to welcome the latest generation technologies. Mobile outdoor network coverage close to 100% of the population and fixed network capacity of around 3.5 million lines in almost 2,000 sites.

A fast, reliable and Top Quality network, as confirmed by prestigious national and international awards.

Disability and Digital

Bringing the company closer to the principles of fairness and non-discrimination towards any minority. As part of this, WINDTRE has created the figure of the Disability Manager, a company contact person for the promotion of projects, actions and analyses aimed at improving working conditions and the use of technological tools for people with disabilities, operating both inside and outside the company, with activities to raise awareness and innovation.

The Disability Manager in the company

Wind Tre's Disability Manager is Paolo Berro, one of the leading experts on disability and digital issues, author of numerous innovation projects on the subject of disability and accessibility.

NeoConnessi Silver

NeoConnessi, the digital and media education project, created to accompany families in the responsible use of technology, has recently been enriched with a new initiative dedicated to grandparents: NeoConnessi Silver. With this project aimed at the over 60s, we contribute to bridging the digital divide and reducing the intergenerational gap, explaining in a simple and accessible way how to use the smartphone safely thanks to 15 video tutorials and the dedicated Facebook Group.
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It is our new model, conceived and designed specifically for people, where the 'human' component is central. It is a hybrid way of working in which flexibility, the centrality of human relationships, empowerment, attention to people's well-being are the key words. Concepts that describe a new way of working, which involves a profound cultural transformation.
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The new Comarch Life Wristband health monitoring bracelet detects vital signs and sends an alert in case of emergency!
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We focus on social inclusion and equal opportunity issues, also through broad-based communication campaigns such as ‘#VoiceToTheGamers', 'Say it without saying it' and "The beauty of opinions is that they can be changed“. We want to eliminate the distances arising from clichés.
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Charity Hub

We have always involved our customers and employees in supportive and community engagement initiatives.

Together it's possible

The initiative addressed to all Wind Tre employees involved in proposing and voting solidarity initiatives in line with our ESG plan, with the objective of receiving a contribution from the company.

Charity initiatives

For many years, Wind and Tre have offered the charity SMS service to no-profit organizations, charities , associations and foundations, in cooperation with the other Italian telecom operators.
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