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Our commitment

WINDTRE has always been committed on making its operations more environmentally sustainable. These are challenges that can no longer be postponed on which everyone, starting with companies, should do their part. For years we have been committed in reducing our emissions and making a more efficient use of resources. We support the "twin transition," the green and digital transition, enabled by investments in 5G and digital technologies, required to make our cities and communities more sustainable.


Since 2017 we have been working alongside WWF Italia experts to reduce our CO2 emissions. Between 2017 and 2021, the overall reduction was over 27%.


Since our birth, we have been collaborating with WWF Italia sui climate change issues. We celebrated achieving these objectives with the «oasis project», which contributed the redevelopment of the three WWF oases closest to our main offices. We also support the initiative every year "Earth Hour" with the collaboration of our people and our sales network.


We are more sustainable in our Stores thanks to LED lighting, air quality monitoring platforms, reduced paper consumption and employees’ eco-friendly uniforms. In addition, we have a fleet of shared company cars in our offices, full electric and hybrids, and numerous charging points.

Digital at the service of the environment

For years, WINDTRE has been committed to significantly limiting its energy consumption, thus helping to meet the challenge of the energy transition but at the same time continuing to guarantee high infrastructural performance. To testify the relevance of this issue for WINDTRE, the company has since its inception defined a partnership on climate and energy with WWF Italy; a collaboration that includes joint monitoring and the reduction of CO2 emissions, which are the main environmental impact of the company. Also thanks to the partnership, WINDTRE has reduced its absolute emissions by over 27% in the 2017-2021 period, despite the exponential growth in traffic generated by its customers In continuity with what has been done in previous years, in 2021 WINDTRE approved and launched a plan for the cancellation of carbon dioxide emissions (Scope 1 and 2) by 2030. The plan includes WINDTRE's ongoing commitment to energy efficiency of equipment and infrastructures, the progressive purchase of renewable energy in a useful and additional way for the national energy system and, lastly, compensation measures for emissions that cannot be eliminated. Discover all our initiatives for the environment.

Digital at the service of cities and companies

In the near future, by implementing a model of sustainable development that offers a high quality of life, we will find ourselves living in smart cities and smart homes. The change will be driven by digital technologies, with the 5G network serving as an enabling factor.
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IoT Solutions

WINDTRE works with commercial and technological partners to develop IoT solutions, support companies and end users, and improve the quality of work and lifestyles
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By donating a new urban forest to the city of Taranto we participated in the redevelopment of an area symbolic of rebirth. The initiative, managed in collaboration with Arbolia, allowed the planting of more than 1000 trees within the «Parco Archeologico delle Mure Greche». With this initiative, we support the Arbolia urban national forestation project.

WINDTRE LUCE&GAS Powered by Acea Energia

The WINDTRE LUCE E GAS offers are eco-sustainable thanks to the light that is 100% certified by "Guarantees of Origin" from the electronic certification that certifies the renewable origin of the sources used for the production of electricity and the gas that is offsetting of CO2 emissions obtained through the purchase of certified carbon credits.
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The Oasis project becomes a book!

An illustrated volume, created in collaboration with the WWF to support the fundamental importance of protecting nature and biodiversity. It collects drawings and questions from the children and grandchildren of WINDTRE people who participated in the Oasis project in 2022, as well as an unpublished story by Federico Moccia.
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Oasi Project

The Oasis Project supports the requalification and management of the WWF Oases closest to 3 of our main offices, Rho, Rome and Pozzuoli, through the symbolic gift of 2 square metres of oasis to each WINDTRE employee.

Energy Supervisor

Energy Supervisor is the WINDTRE BUSINESS energy management service to enable the digital evolution of energy cost and consumption management, helping to improve efficiency, productivity, sustainability of organizations and businesses thanks to Smart Building models and Smart Cities.
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