History, vision, mission, values and brand communication

Tre "The future you want"


Tre has always distinguished itself for its innovative and pioneering approach which allowed it to reach several records on the market: the launch of the first UMTS service in 2003, the following year, the marketing of the first "all-inclusive" offer on the Italian market.

In 2018 the 3 brand strengthens its position as a leading brand in technological choices and a reference point for the most innovative solutions, thanks to the Unlimited offer, expressed through Threeality, the dimension that characterizes the brand, suspended between present and future, between reality and imagination.

Tre was the first operator to launch the mobile TV with UMTS technology, with the scheduling of the best shows of national and international broadcasters, and invested on mobile broadband as a growth driver, developing typical products and services of the 2.0 Web.

The new dimension of the brand 3.


3 is a brand open to others, encourages dialogue and offers a clear vision of what we can expect from the present and the future, it believes in a relationship of true transparency with its customers.


3 never ceases to innovate and reform itself, to experiment and to look at the world from new perspectives. The brand's mission is to accompany the customer towards a simple but always surprising future.


3 is symbol of change, growth and evolution towards a new world and an ever friendly and simple technology, that helps to overcome the limits and not create them. A technology that is inspired by the needs and dreams of everyone.