History, vision, mission, values and brand communication

Wind "Closer to you"


Wind innovated the range of services and offers in Italy, aiming at the new market standards: the convergence between fixed and mobile, the digital evolution and the integration of phone services, for a global response to the communication requirements of people, families and companies.

Wind, with its values clarity, transparency and simplicity has millions of customers who daily use its products and services, visit the 4500 stores and digital channels and rely on the availability and courtesy of the customer service. Since 2018, the pay-off "closer to you" which expresses the value of proximity to customers, has become graphically more and more familiar and has been renewed with a cursive, handwritten script, as an ideal inscription for each of Wind’s customers. A 'rebranding' that confirms Wind's positioning as a 'solid choice' for families, offering minutes, text messages and Giga to transform into great emotions.

Moreover, it was the main alternative operator for broadband services in Italy, thanks to the launch of ULL (Unbundling Local Loop) services in 2002 for consumer and business clients.
"Wind closer to people"

Closer to people and to their will to exchange great emotions.


Wind offers clear and easy commercial offers for customers. Guarantees non-stop navigation, even when there are no more Gigas available, on social channels and Apps and with Hot Spots. Offers the freedom to share Giga bites with all devices, at no additional costs.


Wind’s offers are transparent and convenient. The brand supports open and constant dialogue with its customers, consumer associations, shareholders, the financial community, employees, trade unions, institutions, suppliers and business partners.


Wind continues to improve the quality of its distribution channels and its sales network, in order to make the access to products and services easier, while Customer Care remains committed to simplifying the use of customer assistance services, with clear and fast processes.