2020 opens with a significant recognition for Wind Tre

Wind Tre is once again Top Employer Italia

We are happy to announce that Wind Tre has also obtained the «Top Employers Italy» certification for 2020, awarded to the best companies for excellence in the Human Resources sector. The award is granted every year by the Top Employers Institute following an accurate screening and certifies the implementation of the Best Practices focused on the development and well-being of people.


In Wind Tre we believe in an open-feedback oriented culture and we acknowledge individual results for the development of our people.
We invest on widespread and inclusive Leadership at all levels of the organization, promoting coaching as a winning approach.

We focus on continuous learning, both personal and professional.
Every year we provide more than 60 thousand hours of training, in-person and online, accompanying people in the transformation process and ensuring their constant update.


The countless services offered by the company welfare program - «Wind Tre per Noi», the increasingly widespread implementation of Smart Working and the introduction of innovative time flexibility projects such as "Time4me", show our commitment and the strong focus we have on people's well-being and ensuring a balance between personal and professional life.

We invest on innovative, dynamic and functional work environments also for moments of co-working & informal chat. We take care of people's comfort with the use of areas and spaces that encourage aggregation and discussion.


In Wind Tre we dedicate time to listening to people. We believe that a culture oriented towards inclusiveness and openness is the basis for obtaining sustainable results over time. We involve our people with the common goal of making Wind Tre an ever-better company.