sharing a design for a more sustainable future

Smart cities, sustainable cities?

On March 12, the workshop "smart cities, sustainable cities?" was held in Luiss Enlabs. Organized in collaboration with the European House Ambrosetti and attended by Wind Tre's partners and stakeholders from the world of business, institutions and scientific research.

This is a new stage in the "digital innovation for SDG's" project, which is aimed at sharing a design for a more sustainable future thanks to digital technologies; a theme dealt with internationally by other major players such as Ericsson, Huawei and Accenture and that Wind Tre was the first to insert in the context of our country.
The results of the workshop will create a new research report that focuses on 5 key questions on the topic.The answer to these questions can be a first step in the path that will lead to the definition of a model which measures the impacts of smart cities on the quality of life.

Smart cities, sustainable cities?

Watch the video of the workshop held in Rome

Download the report
Read and download the report “5G Cities, Sustainable Cities”, that we presented on the third edition of the Sustainable Development Festival.