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The third edition full digital has ended.

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WINDTRE donates one million euros to the Croce Rossa Italiana

WINDTRE is working alongside the Croce Rossa Italiana to deal with the Coronavirus emergency.
Also put in place a voluntary fund raising among employees of the Company.​​​​


Discover the educational path of the WINDTRE brand initiative

NeoConnessi: all news of the second edition!

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WINDTRE: the single brand is born

​Hedberg: strategic turning point for the company, we will continue to invest, 6 billion euros in 5 years, in innovation and quality services for our consumers and business customers​


Building the future together

2018 Sustainability Report

​Discover our ​​project​s and initiatives, and our impact on society and the environment in 2018


At the top of the mobile market in Italy and among the main alternative fixed-line operators

data as of December 31 2019

Wind Tre Business

The first telecoms company to launch the Digital Sales Network.
The Digital Sales Network strengthens the digital identity of its sales network.

​The aim is that of innovating customer relationship and consolidating the importance of online presence in order to reach new customers and expand business opportunities.​​

Wind Tre is Top Employers Italy 2020

We are happy to announce that Wind Tre has also obtained the «Top Employers Italy» certification for 2020, awarded to the best companies for excellence in the Human Resources sector.
The award is granted every year by the Top Employers Institute following an accurate screening and certifies the implementation of the Best Practices focused on the development and well-being of people.​

sharing a design for a more sustainable future
Smart cities, sustainable cities

On March 12, the workshop "smart cities, sustainable cities?" was held in Luiss Enlabs. Organized in collaboration with the European House Ambrosetti and attended by Wind Tre's partners and stakeholders from the world of business, institutions and scientific research.​

we are building a sustainable future together
The digital innovation of SDG's

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)of the 2030 ONU Agenda for a Sustainable Development represent a global call to action to which all governments, institutions, NGO's, companies and social societies are held accountable for.

The video, made by The Jackal, was awarded the prize for originality, quality and excellent results

Wind was awarded two prizes for the video " Christmas today vs Christmas in the 90’s" at the NC Awards. The contest was created by the ADC Group for the best for the best integrated creativity and the most innovative communication campaigns.​​



Two prizes awarded at the NC Awards​

WINDTRE Top Quality Network

We believe in the largest network of all, the one of the people.
WINDTRE closer together

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More coverage, more quality

The modernization of Wind Tre's mobile network confirms the company's commitment to invest in quality infrastructure, to meet the customers’ growing demand for connectivity. Starting at the end of 2018 with 46% of consolidated sites, Wind Tre has set itself the goal of creating a widespread and modern network throughout the country, arriving at the end of 2019 with 100% of a consolidated network.

Wind Tre is partner of ExpoMove

Wind Tre is partner of ExpoMove, an event on electric and sustainable urban mobility.

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Wind Tre Business launches the new ‘SUPER’ offers

Wind Tre Business launches the new ‘SUPER’ offers, aimed at managers and entrepreneurs.​

Wind launches the ‘WINDAY’ rewarding program

For its 20th anniversary, Wind launches "WINDAY", a program to reward its customers with a lot of special gifts every week.